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Happy clients share their stories...

You exceed expectations for the positive reviews that prompted me to contact you.  I was literally astonished by your extreme generosity, consulting with me on the phone for one hour, going to the store to pick up and build my item and deliver it. That was so "above and beyond."  Your services are exemplary.

 -M.P., Kirkland, WA

I'm spoiled now. I'll never hire another organizer as long as I'm within SOS's traveling range -- quick, friendly, patient, and cheerful.

 -N.R., Seattle, WA

We have lived in our home for 40 years.  I am, admittedly, a packrat, so every storage space is full.  It was overwhelming to even think about cleaning out and organizing years  of accumulation, but it was time to get it done.  SOS knew just how and where to begin.  My closets were a mix of sentimental, seldom-used, old and current items.  Together, we weeded through everything.  Objectivity and expertise made decluttering and reorganizing a smooth process.  She designed a two-level hanging system for our large entry hall closet for short and long coats, adding storage for hats, gloves and scarves.  I really enjoyed working with SOS and seeing their ideas become a reality.  My closets are beautiful - thanks!


 -S.S., Kirkland, WA

I had the pleasure of working with SOS on a huge kitchen project that I had been putting off for months. Nothing was in order and everything was a mess - in the busiest, most important room in my house!  I looked it all and wanted to bury my head in the sand.  SOS had a vision from the minute  my first cabinet was opened.  They made excellent recommendations and talked me through their thought process the entire way. Everything looked amazing in the end!  The clutter and chaos was GONE and there was beautiful order in every cabinet and pantry.  They knew exactly what I needed and she worked quickly and efficiently to pull it all together!  I HIGHLY recommend SOS and their expertise to anyone looking to create order and organization in their home.


-A.A.  Wilmette, IL

I would HIGHLY recommend Sound Organizing Solutions for your organizational needs.  They helped me organize our garage, bedroom closets, pantry and den.  They are professional, knowledgeable and very easy to work with.  I am so pleased with my organized spaces.  They gave me direction on what items to keep and what to discard or donate and were a real pleasure to work with. I would continue to use them again and recommend their services to my friends and family.

-F.F.  Medina, WA

I’ve been raving about the organizing we did. It was worth every penny.

  -A.M., Bellevue, WA

I had some misgivings about working with an organizer as I consider myself very good at this task. But after three attempts to deal with a downstairs storage closet, I decided I could use some outside help. I was never challenged  directly but  a path was always suggested to work out the issues: the greatest of which was to take everything out of that closet so that we could figure out what to keep, what to donate, and what to toss. As they put it, “you can’t plan storage space until you know what you are going to put in it.”  By the time we had finished, I ended up with a closet space I never, ever imagined I would have. Granted it’s just a downstairs closet with a furnace in it, but every time I go in there now I feel happy. There is space, and light and places for me to sort and then store items from a seriously overstuffed office closet that has now been given new life in this closet. As a serious Type A persona, I have to commend SOS for never crossing over the fine line of “you need to do this” but never being afraid to step up and point out the issues with my logic that were causing the clutter problem. I was so enthused that I hired them again to deal with various places that I knew needed help (laundry room, upstairs chest, etc.) and as usual they worked their magic and I am just so happy every time I open a cupboard and see the “vast” space inside. There’s more than just organizing going on here, there is bringing a sense of open space and peace that I never, ever could have imagined when I first hired SOS.


 -P.J. Bellevue, WA

I loved working with SOS!  I was overwhelmed by 20+ years of preschool curriculum, books, crafting supplies and other miscellaneous materials - I literally did not know where to begin.  I hired SOS and the transformation as a result of their expertise is unbelievable.  What began as indescribable chaos, SOS transformed into tidy, easy-to-access, clearly-labeled, organized bliss.  I could not be happier with the end result.  Thank you!


 -J.O.  Bellevue, WA

You were so awesome to work with on this project! Thank you for taking the time to work with C. and give her the confidence to own her space.  She (and I am) is super happy with the end result.  I love that she worked directly with you to define her space and make it work in a manner that makes sense to her.  

I will definitely keep you in mind for future projects.  

 -A. L., Bellevue, WA

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