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Do you need help identifying your organizational challenges, systems to help overcome them, and skills to maintain an organized space? Do you want your space to be pretty and organized?  Or do you want both?  SOS can do it all.


I strive to provide you with a simplified, orderly space that reflects the way you live and allows you to devote your time and energy to the things that matter most.  Utilizing my experience and education, I adjust my approach to fit your goals and recognize there is not a one-size-fits all way to organizing.

I work with:

*Anyone looking for ways to streamline personal spaces and create an "ease of flow" within the home

*Working professionals who don't have time to dedicate to organizing

*Retirees ready to downsize

*Children who are ready to take charge of their rooms

*Individuals or families looking to declutter in preparation for a move

*Individuals or families needing help with unpacking and settling into a new home

*Anyone looking to redesign and improve the aesthetic appearance of their space


Examples of spaces I help with:

*Garages *Closets *Pantries *Kitchens *Play rooms *Craft rooms

 *Personal home offices *Bedrooms

Contact me to discuss your needs.  Whether you feel overwhelmed or are just in need of a room revival or refreshment, I can help!

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