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I do for you, what you haven't been able to or don't want to do for yourself!  When you hire SOS, you get:

*Help identifying organizational challenges and  systems to overcome them and maintain an organized space.

*Professional support with the emotional aspect of parting with personal items: I work alongside you to determine what stays and what goes.

*My sole focus is to improve your space - keeping you on task and minimizing distractions. 

*Your time back and money saved.  If you don't know where things are, you lose time looking for them. If you buy things more than once because you didn't know you already had them, you've spent money that could be allocated toward other things.

*Spaces you're proud to show off!


Who uses your services?

Lots of people!

*Parents who want help creating efficiencies for their busy family via easily accessible pantries and closets.

*Homeowners wanting to clean out a garage, closet or pantry to create more usable space.

*People who are moving and need help organizing what to keep, donate, sell and/or throw away. And on the flip side, people who have relocated to a new home and need guidance on how to best use their new spaces.

I begin with a phone conversation to get to know each other, and then schedule a free in-home (up to 1 hour) consultation to see your space and begin planning.  

*We'll discuss your needs and budget.

*We'll schedule the right amount of time for your space(s).  

*Your organizing session begins with deciding what you truly need and enjoy, and what to toss or give away.  Generally, you work side-by-side with me to ensure the decluttering process is successful.

*I put it all back together in a meaningful way that works for YOU.

Will you think less of me because of my mess? I'm so embarrased!

I hear this a LOT. 

*Being disorganized and asking for help is not a reflection of who you are as a person. 

*I LOVE to help people through the organizing process, and doing so brings ME joy.  I never judge and my goal is help erase the shame that some people feel when they are challenged by organizing.

Will my space be easy to take care of after you leave?

I will create a tidy, efficient, beautiful space you will enjoy and use. However: 

* It won't take care of itself.  Set aside time to declutter regularly, put things back in their "assigned" places and make an effort to keep things tidy. I'll give you organizing tips to help keep things looking like I just left. 

*Sometimes life gets in the way and your neat and tidy spaces take a backseat. I am happy to come back and help you re-organize.  Subsequent visits should take less effort than the first time, so don't wait until it's completely out of control to give me a "maintenance call."

Will you bring all of the organizing products I might need to make my space beautiful?

Usually not!

*Pictures of organized spaces full of matching bins and labeled boxes permeate magazines and websites - making it very tempting for you to go shopping before we meet.  I recommend not purchasing any items until we know what we are organizing and where things will go.

*I strive to to reuse any organizing products, boxes, bins, etc. you may already have.  

*If it turns out you do need or want new organizational products, there are options:  I can create a shopping list for you and you purchase the items yourself.  I do keep a small inventory of my favorite products, which you may purchase from me.  Alternately, I can schedule a joint shopping trip or shop for you, for a fee.

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